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Tamalpais Pediatrics In the News...Again!

Once again, our friends at KQED have done an excellent story on the rising rates of children who are not fully vaccinated because of personal belief exemptions here in Marin.  We are all proud of the fact that our MMR policy is part of this segment which aired last Friday night on the debut of Newsroom on KQED. Click here to watch.

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Tamalpais Pediatrics in the News...More on the MMR Policy

Earlier this week, we posted about an article in the Marin IJ that mentioned our MMR policy.  Our local public radio station, KQED, also did an segment on the rising rates of personal belief exemptions in our community and once again quoted Dr. Branco.
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Personal Belief Exemptions in the News

Today's Marin IJ contains a story "Number of Marin children without vaccinations continues to grow; health officials worried" which mentions the Tamalpais Pediatrics policy related to the MMR vaccine, and even has a "sound bite" from Dr. Branco about why we feel the MMR vaccine is important enough to require all of our patients have it by the age of two.

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