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Managing Stress and Anxiety - Parent Education Class

We are happy to announce that Joe Gumina, PhD will be returning next Monday, May 16 to present a parent education class called "Managing Stress and Anxiety: Simple Practices for Optimizing Health in Children and Families."

Dr. Gumina has many years of counseling experience with children and families, and will be sharing his knowledge and experience with us. We hope that many of you will be able to attend to learn how to manage this common and difficult issue.
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Talking to your kids about Ebola, and other stuff...

Any parent who listens to the news in the car has had the experience of reaching over to change the station quickly when difficult topics come up.  Whether it's terrorism, wars, school shootings or the latest scary topic, Ebola, the news is filled with things for us and our kids to worry about.
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