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Covered California and Insurance Plans for 2015

The Covered California Health Insurance Exchange is once again open for anyone who needs to buy health insurance as an individual.  Click here for the Covered California exhange.  Open enrollment on Covered California runs until February 15th.

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Last Week for Covered California Open Enrollment

If you are buying insurance for your family through the Covered California health insurance exchange, you have one more week to sign up before the open enrollment period closes on March 31.  Click here for a video that explains how to sign up, and then visit the Covered California website.  Please remember that Tamalpais Pediatrics is not participating with all of the exchange plans.  In particular, we are out of network with Blue Shield Covered CA Exchange plans.

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Covered California - Still Open for Business

The news last week was full of stories about the federal health insurance exchanges and all of the technical difficulties that uninsured Americans have had signing up for health insurance.  Fortunately, here in California, we have a state run exchange that hasn't run perfectly, but has been more successful than the federal exchange used in states that did not choose to set one up.
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The New Health Insurance Exchange - Covered California

Today, October 1, 2013 marks the opening day of the health insurance exchanges that were established by the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).  In California, this exchange is called Covered California and can be found at: www.coveredca.com/.
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