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September 2013

Marin County Flu Information

We recently added another link to our Flu Information Online page and wanted to make sure that all of our friends, neighbors and patients who live in Marin County knew about this local public health resource.  The Marin County Department of Public Health has an Influenza Information page which includes lots of good information, including weekly Influenza activity in Marin County, information for schools and childcare providers and more vaccine information.
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Flu Info Pages Are Up!

Just in time for our first Flu Shot Clinic (tomorrow - September 28th), the Flu Shot Information pages are up.  Click here for more information on the 2013-2014 Influenza vaccine, Flu Shot Clinics, flu vaccine recommendations and more.
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Flu Vaccine is Here...Clinics are Coming!

It may still feel like summer outside, but with back-to-school comes the first round of colds and viruses, and of course flu shots.  We've received our first shipment of flu vaccine for all ages, including both the injectable and nasal versions and have them available in both offices. 
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Best Buddies Challenge - The Finish Line

Here is Dr. Branco at the finish line of the Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle with Sadie, a happy Tamalpais Pediatrics patient, and her dad Todd.  The Best Buddies Challenge raises money to support programs that enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.
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Redwood High School Student Death

Late last week, we became aware of the tragic death of a student at Redwood High School.  Our hearts go out in sympathy to her family and friends, as well as the entire Redwood High School community.

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