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October 2014

Flu Vaccine Update....

We've been waiting and waiting for the majority of our injectable flu vaccine to arrive and were notified last week that it will not arrive until mid-November.  This means that we will need to cancel more of our planned flu vaccine clinics - we won't be starting until November 22. We will have enough flu vaccine for everyone, just later than usual.

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November Patient Education Calendar

Click here for our November Patient Education Calendar.  There will be one session next week - Julia Giammona, LVN will be leading the Breastfeeding Support Group in our Novato office at 12:15 on Thursday, November 6.  The sleep class and starting solids classes will be held the following week.
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Congratulations Julia!

After years of studying, learning and hard work our very own Julia Giammona, LVN has earned some new letters after her name.  She is now a certified lactation consultant, and her nametag will read: Julia Giammona, LVN, IBCLC.

Julia has been offering a breastfeeding support group in our Novato office once a month for many months, and has been helping moms and babies with breastfeeding issues whenever she is in the office.

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Flu Vaccine Update - Flumist Clinics

The delay in flu vaccine this year has been very frustrating for everyone.  We have been receiving small amounts of flu shots (injectable flu vaccine) and hope that in the next few weeks we will receive enough vaccine supply to do our scheduled flu vaccine clinics in November.  We have received our nasal flu vaccine (Flumist) and will continue to give that vaccine over the next few weeks.

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Our Social Media is Getting More Social!

Over the past few years we have used a few different ways to get information out to our patients.  Between the website, the blog, emails from the blog, Facebook and Twitter, we hope that everyone can find a way to stay in touch with us and learn about what's happening at Tamalpais Pediatrics.

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Vaccine Safety Information Online

The California Department of Public Health has updated the EZIZ website with lots of excellent and reliable vaccine information. Click here for the EZIZ website.  There are also lots of great websites and resources on our links page as well. 

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Talking to your kids about Ebola, and other stuff...

Any parent who listens to the news in the car has had the experience of reaching over to change the station quickly when difficult topics come up.  Whether it's terrorism, wars, school shootings or the latest scary topic, Ebola, the news is filled with things for us and our kids to worry about.
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Picky Toddler Nutrition Class - Thursday, October 9

This Thursday, October 9 at 12:15 in our  Greenbrae Office, Argavan Nilforoush, RD, CSP will be coming to present "Healthy Solutions for Picky Toddlers," a class on nutrition in the toddler years.  The topics to be covered include: toddler nutrition needs, solutions for the picky eater, the division of responsibility in feeding and planning meals and snacks for the whole family.

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