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January 2014

Immunization and Whooping Cough News

There have been several things published and circulation lately about immunizations and Whooping Cough.  You may have seen the Marin IJ article on Whooping Cough (click here) that quoted our very own Sara Koenig, PNP.  Remember that the Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccine is not only for your kids - it is also recommended for any adult who is going to be around infants, especially newborns under 6 months.

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MLK Day - Regular Office Hours

In case you are wondering - we'll be in the office and operating as usual on Monday, January 20.

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Infant Sleep Class - Thursday, January 23 in Greenbrae

Sarah Middleton, an infant sleep consultant and parent coach, will be returning to our Greenbrae office on Thursday, January 23th at 12 noon.  Sarah will be doing a lecture on Sleep from 0 to 12 months, discussing babies' sleep needs and how to help your baby learn good sleep habits.

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Correction: Infant Sleep Class - 12 Noon - Thursday, January 23

The Infant Sleep Class with Sarah Middleton will be held at 12 Noon on Thursday, January 23 in our Greenbrae Office, not at 12:15 as previously announced.  Please see the blog post below for more details.
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Children's Hospital Oakland in the News

Over the past month, there has been a lot in the news about the tragic case of Jahi McMath.  Our hearts go out to her family - it's hard to imagine how difficult and sad it is to lose a child.  This blog post - Double Tragedy: Jahi McMath and Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland, is an excellent reminder of why we are so fortunate to have a place like Children's Oakland in our community.
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Influenza is Here...Please Protect Yourself, Too

While we have been seeing many different viruses and illnesses in the office for the past few months, but we have noticed that Influenza has arrived in our community.  Lots of viruses can cause vomiting, fever, cough and other symptoms but Influenza tends to be much worse, and can be very dangerous for children under 2, children with asthma or other chronic diseases, and the elderly.  This is not the basic "tummy flu!"

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Growing Up Unvaccinated - A Different Perspective

This blog post has been making the rounds on facebook and other social media sites.  It's an interesting and useful perspective on vaccines and the risks of being unvaccinated - click here to read it, and check out some of the other information on the Voices for Vaccines website.
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New Mommy Moods Discussion and Q&A - Wednesday, January 8th

On Wednesday, January 8 at 12:15 we will have the next meeting of "New Mommy Moods: Discussion and Q&A."  This is a monthly group meant to help our families with all of the changes and questions that come up after your baby is born.

Dr. Barbara Grelling will be leading the discussion.  Dr. Grelling has years of experience helping new moms navigate the sometimes difficult transtion to parenthood.

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