Meningitis B Vaccine for College Students

There are two vaccines that protect against meningitis in teens and young adults. One is given routinely at age 11 and 16, and protects against four strains of Meningococcus. The other is usually given at age 16-18, typically before going off to college. This second vaccine protects against Meningococcus B, which has been the cause of outbreaks of meningitis on college campuses. 

If your child has not received the Meningococcus B vaccine yet, and especially if they are heading off to college this fall, please call and get them in for a dose. The full series is two doses, six months apart. They'll need a second dose but it's worthy getting even just one dose before they leave. 

If you aren't sure if your child has had this vaccine, you can check on their portal account (it should be listed as Men B Trumenba or Men B Bexsero), or call the office and we will let you know. 

We also have a few doses of this year's flu vaccine - if your college student hasn't yet left, call for a nurse visit to get them a flu vaccine before they go.
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