Injections vs. Nose Spray

In the past, we have offered both the injectable flu vaccine (the shot) and the intranasal (nose spray) flu vaccine. This year, we will only have injectable flu vaccine (the flu shot). 

The intranasal flu vaccine has been a very popular way to get protected against the flu over the past several years. According to CDC research, it has been effective, but not as effective as the injectable flu vaccine. In order to make sure that our kids and our community are as well protected as possible, we will be following the AAP recommendations and only offering the injectable flu vaccine for the 2018-2019 influenza season. 

The intranasal flu vaccine is available and may be offered elsewhere (pharmacies, other doctor's offices). At Tamalpais Pediatrics we have decided to wait until we have some evidence about how effective it was this year before we start offering it again.

We know that many kids are anxious about getting shots and really liked getting the nasal flu vaccine instead.  As always, we will be doing all that we can to help make the process as easy as possible. We will have lots of Shot Blockers available!