Flu Vaccine Information

Flu Vaccine Overview - Winter 2018/2019

We follow the CDC and AAP guidelines and recommend that all children 6 months and up receive the flu vaccine. Please see the Flu Shot Recommendations for details, and check the Flu Shot Clinics page for the schedule of our walk-in flu vaccine clinics.

Because healthy school-aged children are so likely to get influenza, we strongly encourage them to get the flu vaccine. influenza outbreaks often center around schools and by immunizing these kids we can protect them, their families and the entire community.

Some children will need two doses of the flu vaccine this winter, depending on whether they have ever received the flu vaccine in the past. If your child is under 9 years of age and has never had a flu shot, they will need two doses. The staff at Tamalpais Pediatrics will let you know how many doses your child needs when you come to our office. Take a look at the One Dose or Two? page for more information.

Just like last year, the flu vaccine is quadrivalent (four strains) and contains two B strains and two A strains. The decision on which flu strains are included in the vaccine is made by influenza and Public Health experts who monitor the influenza activity around the world over time and make predictions for which strains will cause disease in the United States this winter.

We are very sorry to say that, once again, this year we will not have the intranasal flu vaccine (Flumist). This was a popular vaccine in the past, but past CDC research that shows it was not as effective as the injectable vaccine. It will be available and we hope that research will show it's effective - if so, we will offer it in the future. Take a look at Injections vs. Nose Spray for more information about this.

The flu vaccine for children over 3 is available with and without the preservative Thimerosal. We have ordered both types for our office, to ensure that we have enough vaccine for all of our patients who want it. Both vaccines are just as safe and effective, and the doctors at Tamalpais Pediatrics recommend that you get whatever flu vaccine is available. Check the Thimerosal Fact Sheet for more information.

Please take a look at the CDC: Flu Website or the sites on the Flu Information Online or more information on Influenza and this year's Influenza vaccine.